Redwood Grove Capital

Modern Value Investing

Built on fundamental analysis and sustainability research

Redwood Grove Capital Redwood Grove Capital
Who We Are:

Redwood Grove Capital manages a concentrated value equity fund that seeks out-performance in an era of climate change. Our detailed analysis of firms’ financial metrics and sustainability strives to exploit market inefficiencies. We look for undervalued companies that also have a competitive advantage for the transition to a low carbon economy.

Fundamental strength is evaluated by looking at a company’s business, management and relative value. In parallel, we analyze a firm’s resource risk, long term capital projects, and strategic advantages in search of mispriced equities. Our team looks across all sectors to find companies that best meet our criteria.

Redwood Grove Capital Redwood Grove Capital
We Believe:
  • Sustainability analysis is the logical extension of long term value investing.
  • Fundamental analysis remains the cornerstone to identifying intrinsic value.
  • Management teams incorporating climate change, resource risks and demographic shifts in to their corporate strategies will enjoy an economic advantage.
  • The public equity market is not efficiently pricing many of these competitive advantages.
  • ESG portfolios should also account for macro-economic trends.
Redwood Grove Capital Redwood Grove Capital